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About Scott

Wealth is a state of being, not the status of your bank account or the street address you came from.

Does that sound like a load of self-help BS?

It’s not.

I repossessed my first car at 15. I’ve got just a semester of college under my belt. I’ve been shot at, sued, and set on fire–and not metaphorically. I’ve eaten nothing but canned ravioli for months on end. I gained it all, lost it all, and gained it back and then some.

Today I’m a self-made millionaire with 33 businesses who by all conventional counts should have been knocked down a long time ago.

This isn’t meant to be ego-stroking. It’s simply the truth.

I certainly enjoy the finer things in life, but no amount of material wealth gives me the same joy–that state of being–as coaching those who are ready to wake up to what’s possible in mind, body, spirit, and business. To wake up to their total capability and resiliency. To wealth in its true form. As a business mentor and life coach, I help those who are ready level up not only their business, but their overall wellbeing.

So stop making excuses. Stop not using your innate gifts. And please stop hitting the snooze button on your life.

It’s time to Awaken the Badass Within.

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